Friday, May 13, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

People. I've made no effort to hide the fact that I really dislike the Nom Nom and Nom Nom Nom expressions and all similar ones. Why, you ask? OK. That's fair. Basically, I just think it sounds stupid! When people try to sound all hip and cool when they are writing about delicious food using this phrase, well, I personally cringe. Please let Nom Nom Nom go the way of Cabbage Patch Kids!

What? You've never seen people write Nom Nom to talk about a delicious little morsel they are nibbling on, so that you are made aware just how delicious it is? Check out this Urban Dictionary entry (yeah, I know, pretty impressive the definition writer's range, from using nerd-word onomatopoeia to churning out this sentence example):

Noms (228 thumbs up, 6 thumbs down): Food, especially when speaking "lolcat". It's based on the "nom nom nom" onomatopoeia for eating.

Sentence Example: "I iz hungrey, can haz noms?"

What, you ask, could be worse than seeing Nom Nom Nom on your favorite blogger's website or from a respected foodie's Twitter stream? Well, I did some soul searching to answer that question, and all I could come up with is... hold for it... if I actually heard someone using the expression, out loud in the presence of my ears. It would be bad enough talking to yourself, but for other people to have to endure that live might trigger some migraine-like head pains.

I did some research to find the culprit behind this expression's origin. Who could have been so short-sighted and selfish? Well my research turned up one main player, which consequentially established one exception to my hatred for the Nom Nom Nom phrase. Yeah, after all that, there is one. ONLY ONE! Only Cookie Monster can originally and effectively use his signature "Om nom nom nom" without sounding like he's trying to impress his peers. Let me show you an excellent video of the great Cookie Monster discussing this very topic with the cute and very sweet Ella. Enjoy and I hope I've inspired you in some way today.


L said...

I LOVE when he asks, "Why me not get royalties?"

Rob said...

Yeah, I like that part too, like she had to convince him it was HIS Om nom nom nom. Thanks for the comment.