Monday, July 11, 2011

O versus 0

This may surprise you. I have another super pet peeve. Why do people read the number zero like they are surprised? The letter O as in Open is a perfectly awesome letter. In fact, I use it every single day. O O O O see there I did it again. But saying "Oh" when you meant to say zero? What is that all about?

My credit card has a zero, my phone number has a zero, and neither have "Oh"s in them. Yes, I realize there is a similarity in shape, though Os are usually fatter than 0s, at least when typed. This has led to some companies to just scrap one or the other, like Coke does for their program codes. But that is an entirely different situation than what we're talking about.

So here's how I propose a group effort to end this nonsense. Every time you hear a Zero communicated as Oh, be sure to treat it as an unrecognizable error. "Sorry, Sir, but I am not able to find any data using that account number." "Ma'am, I can't seem to recognize the number you gave me. Did you say it was 1 2 Oh Oh Oh NW Grammar Street? Nope, you don't exist in our system." An army of people like that would end this terrible problem quickly.

As you can see, I am full of solutions, not just complaints. Don't forget that! And please knock it off! O and 0 are not the same and are not interchangeable!

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